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Loft Wardrobes

Fitting Wardrobes into a loft can give problems; they really have to be fitted in, as free standing square wardrobes don’t normally fit.

Below we have example of a sliding wardrobe fitted long ways under the pitch of the roof making use of the corridor space and of a wardrobe fitted crossways to match the shape of the roof.

Whichever design you choose it is best to decide before you start the loft conversion, as it will look much better if planed before.

Sliding Wardobes

Sliding Loft Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobes

Loft Wardrobe

We can now lower the enclosure back onto the tray re-fit the screws and remove excess silicon and tidy up the remaining. We now need to seal the corners from the outside, don’t seal on the inside of the corners, this will allow any water that has got between the sides and the corners to run out into the tray and not get trapped or seep out (see picture).

Sealing Shower

Finished Shower sealed with high quality silicon sealant.

Shower Finished