Loft conversion

Loft Conversion

Need more room? See what's involved with converting a loft.
Cheaper than moving

Removing a radiator

Removing a Radiator

If you want an A1 finish, its best to remove a radiator before decorating.
We show you the easy way

Removing Artex

Removing Artex

If you want to update the look of a room you can’t beat a smooth ceiling.
We show you how

Find a Tradesman

Need an Extensions?

Advice on all extensions
Whats best for you

Filling Cracks

Filling Cracks

If you want a good finish you need to have good preparation
Stop the cracks coming back

Laying Under floor heating

Under Floor Heating

Install electric under floor heating
controlled with a thermostat timer for that luxury feeling of a warm floor

Plasterboard fixings

Plasterboard Fixings

Fixing heavy shelves or objects to plasterboard?
You need the right fixings

Adjusting double glazed doors

Double Glazed Doors

Not closing correctly?
Stop slamming that door
Adjusting the easy way.